Monday, 27 August 2018

Bolt Action - German Tiger 1 - WIP

My next model in my Bolt Action force is the mighty Tiger 1. I call this the big cat because from the outset until the end of the war it was feared by all opposition. There were arguably better and bigger cats but this was the first and most iconic big cat.

The model from warlord is a plastic kit which was easy to put together and looks really good.

I aim to paint it in the same scheme as this picture which is based on the famous Tank Commander Michael Wittmann.

For this model I started off with a black primer, followed by a base coat of Middlestone.

Next a heavy wash of my Brown/Black wash (60/40mix).

Then a drybrush with Middlestone again.

 Next up completing the camouflage and the rest of the details.



  1. Looking forward to seeing this get done as I've some Tiger 1 projects in mind as well.

    1. Hobby time for me is very rare at the moment unfortunately but I am working on this as fast as I can :) Thanks for the comment and support.