Sunday, 1 November 2020

My Foray into 3D Printing

 I have been wanting to get a resin 3D printer for a long time now and finally succumbed last week.

I purchased an Elegoo Mars and a Photon wash and Cure Station. The setup of both were easy and straight forward.

The first print on the Mars went sort of okay, I didn't even print off the test piece, just dived right in to Thingiverse with a space marine. The underneath of the arms didn't quite work properly, probably lack of supports and the scale was off but hey the detail is just mind blowing.

The second print went perfectly and I got 3 models in perfect shape.

Unfortunately I dropped the build plate onto the vat tray when I was cleaning the resin and it damaged the FEP sheet, I tried a few prints afterward but nothing was successful, the problem was I could be the FEP film, the model, the supports, the temperature, was the resin shaken enough etc etc. 

I ordered a new FEP sheet and printed off a set of legs which came out perfectly, the next model which was different didn't work again. Welcome to the highs and lows of 3D printing !!

I am now trying a different model, so wish me luck.


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