Saturday, 27 February 2021

Hedge and Wooden Fence -using pot scourer WIP


Starting on the fence project which looks fairly simple, I took some coffee stirrers, hardboard base and a new pot scourer.

I decided to make two fences so cut the hardboard bases to size (rectangular shapes), cut the coffee stirrers to size and also cut some grooves into them to simulate grain. Next was to cut the pot scourer to size allowing to fold in half for the height. Once all the elements were ready it was time to assemble.

I used some green stuff and superglue to hold the bottom of the upright fence pieces to the base then hot-glued the horizontal fence pieces in place. All going smoothly at this point. I then took my pot scourer and used hot-glue to glue in place (straddling the fence).

Tip – use a wire brush to tease out all the fibres from the scourer for the next part. I then used PVA to glue on the sand.


Next the finishing touches, so stay tuned.



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