Sunday, 25 July 2021

3D Printing Journey


I have not done as much printing as I would have liked, the journey is definitly a bit rocky, as most people will tell you.

I tried the next model back in November 2020 and a couple after that, none worked properly. 

After much frustration I quit.

After about 4 months I started to look at various youtube videos on what the cause may be. After many hours of searching, I came across what I believed was the main issue - Why my model would not stick to the build plate - the evidence pointed to the temperature of the resin.  My journey began in October during a warm spell and as the weeks past it grew colder and my prints failed in line with the weather, unbeknownst to me at that time). 

I waited for the hot weather and in the UK it has only just realy come around (not counting week days as I work and cant print on those days - it has to be the weekends) I put me theory to the test and low and behold perfect prints appeared as if by magic.

Here are some prints of a Heresy era Emperors Children Marine and a second print of a Nightlord Raptor.

Both are great and I am hooked again.

I went for broke and printed two Proxy's of Primarchs, coming up in the next post with some bad news as well.


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