Monday, 30 September 2013

False Gods - Black Library - My Thoughts

'I was there the day Horus fell' 

What better reason do you need to read the book than this extract!

After finishing 'Horus Rising' I was eager for more and went straight into 'False Gods', I thought it was a better book but that may be because my interest was piqued and the enjoyment level was still fresh.


I enjoyed the characters like Loken being explored further and the action level was more intense with a vivid description of the battle on Davin's Moon where Horus falls after being wounded by a Chaos tainted weapon, which was stolen by Chaplain Erebus of the Word Bearers Chapter. With Horus at deaths door he is taken to a Serpent Temple by his Mournival Brothers, as a last resort, to be healed again with influence by Erebus.

I wont spoil the end if you haven't read the book but its interesting (didn't expect Horus himself to be the one that illuminates 'you know who') and disappointing (I would have liked the dilemma of good vs evil Horus faces to be better expressed. I know the 'dream' sequence tries to cover this area but I felt that it was not as good as it could have been, his dilemma should have covered more of the book really) at the same time. Another disappointment was how easily Horus is baited by Erebus to go to Davin in the first place, I felt this could have been better handled.

Now I am even more keen and the next novel is shortly to be devoured.



  1. You are in for a treat. The Horus Heresy novels are what makes the whole W30K/W40K universe interesting. :)

    1. Absolutely!! I am now really loving the background.