Sunday, 3 July 2011

To blog or not?

I must admit that I have been a keen follower of fantastic blog sites like 'From The Warp' and 'Bell of Lost Souls'. Hours have been spent drooling over painted miniatures, greenstuff conversions, hobby tips, tutorials etc etc.

To what end I ask myself? I leave those awesome sites fully charged and rearing to dive into my own humble efforts only to find myself running out of steam pretty quickly. So in order to shore up the defenses and avoid being sucked into the warp ( of inactivity ) I have decided to create my own blog hopefully giving myself that commitment to my own hobby and progress.

So whats the MAIN plan of action?

I intend to finish painting, acquiring the missing models and coming up with some fluff  for my space marine army, Aurelius Legion (pics to follow).

Make some terrain using all those fantastic ideas I have come across out there.


Paint some of my Fantasy stuff, after all it cant all be about power armour and chainswords, can it?

In the progress of said objective markers, create some tutorials  which hopefully will help some one else learn something or at least give them a laugh.

Any ideas, helpful tips are welcome, leave a comment.


1 comment:

  1. good plan of action,
    looking forward to seeing the results.

    good luck with your blog.

    thank you