Monday, 4 July 2011

Birth Pangs!!

The birth of my 40k hobby began with the death, for me anyway, of Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition. While my relationship with Fantasy was more collecting and painting, I did play a few games here and there when time allowed. While the 7th Edition rules weren't perfect at least you could win with a better battle plan. 8th Edition saw randomness increased to a level of absurdity. Now its all about dice rolls and less about strategy!

So while I bemoaned my lot in Warhammer Fantasy I longingly cast my eye at 40k and wondered what it would be like to run around the battlefield in power armour, impervious to harm, slaying my enemies with abandon.

Fortunately for me 5th Edition (40k)  had recently been released so I picked up an Assault on Black Reach (AOBR) box set and off I went. I know Games Workshop (GW) has been taking a lot of stick recently over their pricing, resin quality etc etc but I must  say that they have it spot on when it comes to starter box sets. If it wasn't for AOBR I might have left the hobby for good.

So with my birth pangs now over I began my journey into the perils of the warp....make that the 40k hobby!!

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  1. welcome to 40K. I don't quite get how you say that 40K was recently released when fantasy 8th came out. 5th ed is 4 years old and next year new rules will come out(6th ed).

    Anyway, I agree that the AoBR is a good buy although I bought it when it was just released and got it a hell of a lot cheaper then you can buy it now. The models in the set are ace, if you check my blog you will find many models painted up from that set.

    Keep on blogging but most of all keep posting pictures of your progress. it will keep you motivated and us entertained.