Friday, 30 September 2011

Blood Angels Knights of Blood - On the Painting Table

After painting up my Orks from the AOBR set I wanted to get back to painting Space Marines and as I had some Space Hulk Terminators sitting in my collection box and my cleaned test Tactical Marine handy I set about deciding on a chapter scheme that was Blood Angels ( my favourite ) related.

I know that every time I looked through the Blood Angels Codex my eye fell on the Knights of Blood Chapter, their scheme is a bit different and I like their fluff, once loyal now declared renegade "because of the terrible destruction they wrought against friends and foes alike, yet the Knights of Blood still consider themselves to be loyal to the Emperor of Mankind"extract taken from the Warhammer WIKI.

So it was decided and off I went, undercoating my chosen models in black primer followed by a watered down layer of chaos black paint. I then based the models with sand and did some drybrushing, scorched brown / bestial brown / bubonic brown / bleached bone. I like to almost complete my bases before painting the model it helps me feel like I am getting results fast and I find if I do it last I end up messing up my paint job on the model and I have to go back and try to fix it.

Next I painted the base colours of boltgun metal and scab red on the armour followed by dark angels green and scorched brown on the purity seals.

More to follow. As always appreciate letting me know what you think with a comment.


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  1. Looking good so far - I like the Knights of Blood scheme as well, looking forward to seeing 'em finished! Keep up the great work!