Saturday, 15 October 2011

Blood Angels Knights of Blood - On the painting Table - Finished

All done! I finally managed to finish my Knights of Blood Space Hulk Terminators and my Tactical Marine. I love the way they came out and could easily see myself painting up a complete army as I think they will look amazing on the table top as it is a very striking colour scheme. The added bonus is that I don't think there are many armies out there in this scheme.

The final paints I used to complete the models were Blood Red blended with Red Gore on the red areas followed by a wash of Baal Red and Ogryn Flesh. This unfortunately diluted my blending a bit to much. the yellow areas were also washed with thinned down Ogryn Flesh and re highlighted with Bubonic Brown. The gold areas were highlighted up with Shinning Gold and edged with Mithral Silver.

On my Tactical Marine I was happy that my free hand chapter symbol came out reasonably well, also I used a press mould to create the tactical symbol ( arrow ) on the right shoulder pad. I will be doing a short tutorial on how I did this in the near future.

Hope you like them.


1 comment:

  1. Very Nice. I like the overall scheme and how they turned out.

    The freehand is very good. I'm glad you had luck with the tactial arrow. My press attempts have been less than stellar.