Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Terrain - 40k Ventilator - On the Workbench

Well at last I managed to get around to my terrain projects. I came across this amazing site (link http://www.ironhands.com/h2_ven0.htm ) just over a year ago and was just blown away by the awesome terrain he has.

I was very inspired and made this 40k Ventilator out of an old cassette tape and some plastic plumbing elbows, a couple of plastic bottles, some clothes line pegs and a couple of other bits. When I made this a year ago my blog was non existent so there is no stage by stage on the construction. It has sat in my terrain box until now.

New years resolutions and all that, I dug it out and started to paint it up starting with a black base coat.


  1. Must agree, very nice looking project. I have always been a fan of the scratch built terrain. Not only do you save a grip over the GW stuff, it is original and looks fantastic.

  2. Well done, it has great levels of detail and will look awesome when painted.

  3. I like how you used spray cans! It fits really well with the style!