Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Aurelius Legion Captain - Improved

After I did my original post on this guy, I looked at him again and said to myself, there are a few obvious things I can improve on. Firstly I wanted to improve the shading on the underside of the shoulder pads in line with Ron's suggestion at 'From the Warp'. The second big thing was to improve the scrolls, which I did with a micron pen and it came out way better. I also did a few highlights on the banner in red and painted in the armour joints on the arms in metal effect. Overall these few small things made a big improvement to the model.

Here is the old picture above and new picture below for comparison.

What do you think of the improvements?



  1. Really like what you've done with it has really bought out the features and brighten it up alot, great job.

  2. Thanks, the shading has made a big difference!

  3. Nice work, Liking the strong colors.