Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Terrain Focus - 40k Tank Traps - On the Workbench Part 2

Before I paint my terrain I use PVA glue to seal in the HD Foam from any primer paint eating it away and also it gives the Foam a bit of strength. I am painting up my terrain pieces to match the way my army is already based. Note - if you can use cheaper paints here, do it as terrain eats paint like crazy.

I start with a base coat of Chaos Black followed by a layer of Scorched Brown. (see picture at top)

Next I overbrush a layer of Bestial Brown.

Overbrush a layer of Vermin Brown.

Now a drybrush of  Bubonic Brown.

  Drybrush of Bleached Bone, I repeated this step to get  a nice coverage.
Last I painted my debris with Chaos Black followed by a drybrush of Codex Grey.

Not completed yet but it will be in the next post where I finalise all the details to make it look good.


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