Monday, 7 May 2012

Minotaurs Scout Squad - Badab War - On the Painting Table

My Minotaur project continues with the introduction of some scouts. In the few games I have played I have come across scouts in other Marine armies and they have proved to be annoying to say the least. With my latest army list I had some points which could not buy much more than a scout squad so I included them in it. Of course this meant buying the models to add to my army and hopefully try them out with that same annoying factor but for my enemies this time.

With this squad I tried out a primer from a DIY type store and boy was it rubbish! I could not get my paints to stick to it after application. I can see that they may need stripping and repainting in the not to distant future.

On to the painting, as there is no official scheme, other than bronze and red, for the scouts I went for the bronze armour as per usual and red on the upper body clothing, The lower half and cloak, I went for a more earthy muted look.

The boots and belts were to be black but you will notice that they are painted grey at this stage, well that's because I wanted to try out a technique for black that requires you to add numerous layers of black wash over a grey base colour until you have the desired shaded and highlighted areas.


Below is a picture of the armour completed.

That's as far as I got, stay tuned for the final outcome.


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  1. Those are looking great! Can't wait to see more - keep it up!