Thursday, 7 June 2012

Creating Your Own Chapter - Tactical Squad Revisited

Still on my mission of painting over the yellow with bronze to see how this scheme is going to work and I am liking the results!!

 Picture above is what they looked like before.

Below are some WIP pictures.

Let me know if you think its an improvement.



  1. Definitely a lot nicer overall the yellow was too distracting imo keep up the good work!

  2. The yellow definitely made the models "pop" on the table, but I do like the verdigris copper/bronze look on these a lot! Makes them a bit more grim and foreboding. Good stuff!

  3. Yeah the bronze looks way better. The yellow was too much contrast to the black. Nice job!

  4. I'm going to vote for the yellow here. The bronze is definitely well done, but I think the yellow has more character. The real question is, which do you prefer?

    Ron, FTW

  5. That is the real question? I like the yellow with the battle damage but just dont feel that connection to the scheme as a whole. The bronze is more my style.