Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Flames of War - Open Fire Box Set

WOW! look what Santa brought me for Xmas. Well actually my beautiful wife noticed me casting a longing eye in the direction of WW2 models and prattling on about my boyhood modelling days so she bought me this box set to shut me up. I cant be happier!

With my recent lack of interest in 40k this may get me back into the painting and hobby groove so expect to see Flames of War hobby content on this blog in the near future.

I must say that Battlefront have taken a leaf out of GW's book and produced an amazing starter set, you get a boat load of models, full colour mini rule book and lots more, for what I think is a very reasonable price. I am not so interested in the gaming side so the rule book is a side show for me but nice to have anyway. The cost of models going forward from Battlefront however look pretty pricey! I think The Plastic Soldier Company are where I am going to be buying from in future.

I am going to start off by putting together one tank and a section of infantry from each side then painting them up to see how they turn out before committing to the entire force. From what I have read there may be some issues with some of the tank pieces not going together very well, so I want to find out what they are to avoid problems later on.

Get to it soldier!


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  1. It's a great set (I got it just over a month ago). I also second your comment about The Plastic Soldier Company--I picked up a set a their Panzer IIIs a while back--the quality of the tanks far exceeds Battlefront's, and being all plastic (rather than metal/resin) is a big plus. Of course, the price is a big plus too!