Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year to everybody! Hope you all have a great year, I know I need one. Last year ended a bit quietly on both the hobby front and the New Years Eve party front, happy about the latter but not the former.

So a quick look at what I wanted to do in 2012 -

Do some commission work - fail
Make Terrain - partly successful - didn't make as much as I wanted too.
Build my Minotaur army - success
Make more conversions / kit-bashes - partly successful

A mixed bag of results then.

On to 2013 -

Make Terrain
Finish my Minotaurs
Finish my planned conversions / kit-bashes
WW2 stuff - Flames of War
Skyrim - work on my MOD

Firstly the important thing though is that I am very happy with what I did do in 2012 and feel my time was well spent. Secondly I want to thank the hobby community and your blogs as a whole for all the fantastic things I saw, read about, got inspiration from etc etc. Thirdly thanks to all those of you that took the time to check out my blog. I appreciate it.

So to end of with an inspirational quote from Game of Thrones Tyrion:

"Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!"


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