Friday, 8 March 2013

40k Terrain - Ruined Aquila

About three years ago I made a piece of terrain inspired by The Honoured Imperium set from GW (see above). Unfortunately my blog was not in existence then and so never recorded the process. Towards the end of 2011 I made a second Ruined Aquila for my blog and recorded the process but 'lost' my pictures when I got a new computer and moved my stuff across etc. Anyway, I have found the folder that was saved in some obscure location and now I can show you how it was done.

First I prepared the base by cutting the basic shape out of hard board, that's what we call it here, and sketching the Aquila to get a rough idea of its size.

The next step was to trace the Aquila, from an image on my computer screen, onto a piece of paper. the benefit of doing this is that I could enlarge the image on the screen to fit the size of my base. Then I placed the image over a piece of High Density Foam Board and redrew the image pressing quite firmly to leave an impression on the foam.

Then I collected some left over bits of foam to build up the rubble on the base that the Aquila would rest on.
Next was to cut out the Aquila from the Foam Board. Don't worry if you break some bits off or damage the edges, its meant to be a ruin anyway.

Then I did a few dry runs of placing the Aquila on the rubble to get the best fit.

Once I was happy with the fit I used white glue to glue the loose rubble onto the base, once that was dry I glued the Aquila onto the rubble.
Next I will show how I finished off the ground on the base.


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