Tuesday, 12 March 2013

40k Terrain - Runied Aquila Part 2

So onto finishing the base. I used my trusty quick drying filler that is used for repairing cracks in walls etc. Spread across the base and worked into shape with my finger, use a spatula if you don't want to get dirty.

After letting the whole thing dry properly I cleaned up any unwanted bits.

Primed the piece in black. Note Do not prime if you don't want your foam to melt!! I primed from a fair distance away so as to have a little melting happen as it is supposed to be ruined and laying there for a long time. Then I painted the ground with Scorched Brown and the Aquila Black.

Next was to drybrush with successive lighter colours to reach Bleached Bone.

I painted the rocks a dark grey then drybrushed up to Codex Grey. The Aquila was painted Scorched Brown as a base because I want to have a marble finish.

Next up the final part.


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