Saturday, 27 April 2013

Freehand Painting - Take the Plunge

Following on from the post on my Empire Standard Bearer and the death of my interest in Fantasy got me hooked onto 40k, 5th Edition, which I liked and found worked pretty well, for my Space Marines anyway. I am not a fan of 6th edition but that's no big deal because I have only played again about 30 games in total of 40k and consider myself a collector and painter rather than a gamer.

My first attempts at painting Space Marines (Iron Hands top picture and Storm Lords below) was pretty poor but I used my lesson from the freehand banner to have the confidence to try new things (the chapter symbols are freehand) and my painting has improved for it.

I have the confidence now to try my hand at sculpting with greenstuff now, as long as they are small bits :) but hey it all counts. My first sculpting attempt was the skull on the shoulder pad of this Silver Skulls Marine.

Trying new painting techniques for me has also helped my painting improve, even if some of the results didn't work out well. I tried this wash/glaze technique on my Pre Heresy Sons of Horus Marine.

The Green was supposed to look like this.

It came out like this.

But trying this out made me realise that it would work on many other schemes like my take on the Marines Errant.

Don't be afraid, Take the Plunge!


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