Friday, 9 August 2013

Terrain - 40k - Diorama - Painting WIP

Finalizing the base involved cutting the Deffkopta in half and removing the Ork pilot then using greenstuff I modeled the seat and closed up the gaps to make it look like damaged engine and frame parts.

Next I glued my tank traps and  crater lip pieces in place and used my trusty quick drying filler to create the ground on the terrain base. Once that was dry I glued my tree branch, bits of bark and the Deffkopta in place.

I was ready to prime my project and went to the DIY store and purchased a grey primer and used that on the terrain piece. Bad mistake! it turned out to have a gloss like finish which repelled paint rather than having improved paint adhesion qualities!

I had to paint the entire piece black again and that took several coats. Once done I used a scorched brown as the ground base colour followed by a selection of lighter browns to achieve my desired final colour which was bleached bone.


Next I cleaned up the non ground pieces with black again.

I started to paint the tank traps, tree and bark bits with a codex grey as the base colour.

Now it was time to add the washes to create shade and interest in the pieces. I used black and brown washes and mixes of each on the different elements. Once dry I drybrushed the pieces with a lighter shade of the original base colour.

Finally I painted up the Deffkopta  with lots of rust to make it look like it had been crashed for some time.

Now just the final elements to go!


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