Monday, 10 February 2014

Wolf Tooth Necklace - Greenstuff Sculpt

On my Pre-Heresy Luna Wolf model I wanted to try my hand at many things, one of which was to sculpt a Wolf Tooth Necklace.

I started by rolling out my greenstuff into a very thin roll.

Then using a sharp hobby knife cut to the desired length and carefully attach to the model. In this case it was just the front of the marine as the back is obscured and wont be visible.

Now you have to let this cure before doing the Teeth. I didn't and it messed it up slightly as the necklace was flattened where I touched it by mistake.

Once it is dry properly, mix up some greenstuff and cut out some small pieces in triangle shapes, carefully attach to the places where you want the teeth to attach to the necklace, you can also make small indentations in the top of the teeth. Wait for it to cure properly. Now you can roll out some more greenstuff into a thin line and cut out very small pieces which will connect the teeth to the necklace and fit into the indentations you made in the teeth.

It is not easy and requires huge patience but worthwhile indeed. I few more and I will be getting much better results.

Don't be put off trying this out, if you don't like it you can remove easily enough without causing any damage to the model.


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