Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Minotaurs - Terminators with Thunder Hammers - Badab War - WIP

I have been meaning to paint these guys for a long time now and finally I have. First off I purchased the shields from Scibor Miniatures and while I am not the first to do this I think they fit perfectly with the Minotaurs theme.Secondly I purchased the Forge World Minotaur shoulder pads which I also think are outstanding.

I have primed  the models in black then base coated with Tin Bitz.

Next I painted a good coat of Brazen Brass followed by a generous wash of my custom made verdigris mix.

Lastly I dry brushed Brazen Brass again to finish off the armour.

Next up the details.



  1. These are looking fantastic so far. Love your verdigris mix followed by the dry brushing. Really cool effect.

    Do you find tin bitz gives you a better look then balathsar gold when laying down the base? I used to use tin bitz all the time, and have since moved to balathsar.

    1. I have not used bathazar gold so cant tell you. When GW launched their new range I bought loads of colours I use a lot of, tin bitz was one of them..lol

  2. looking good. I have the same shields on my terminators and they really gives the terminators a spartan flavored look.