Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Zvezda 1/72 scale WW2 German BMW Motorcycle with Sidecar - Finished

The base brown camouflage was a 50/50 mix of Middlestone and Chocolate Brown and a 70/30 Chocolate Brown and Middlestone mix for the center part of the camouflage. The green was a 50/50 mix of Reflective Green and Middlestone as a base then a 70/30 mix of Reflective Green and Middlestone for the center of the camouflage. I painted the engine a metal colour and the washed the entire model with a 50/50 mix of brown and black wash.


Last a drybrush of Middlestone. Then I added brown wash in between the wheel spokes to make it look less solid and more like spokes.

The crew were painted with Field Grey and Reflective Green then washed with the same 50/50 brown and black wash.

This was really fun to paint up and pretty quick. I like the result especially since I didn't even have to highlight after the wash a sit was not going to really add much more to the model.

Cant wait to start the next one!


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