Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Blood Angels Knights of Blood Bike Squad - Dark Vengeance - Finished

All that I had to do was add washed to the models and some highlights of the base colours where required. I did not want to spend too much time on these as they are already tricky to paint as rider and bike "joined at the hip" so to speak.

I will have to go over the shading on the red parts of the armour with black wash as the dark brown does not work well enough. Other than that I am happy with the results and will keep working on the rest of the Dark Vengeance set, namely the Librarian and Commander.

Here is the Squad Sergeant.

The first Biker.


 The second Biker.


As a Squad.


The final comment I have on these guys is about the quality of the pictures I took, my camera cant quite get  to grips with the colours and they do not show the different shades that are apparent to the naked eye. I did use Picasa to edit them which helped but not good enough.

Let me know what you think.