Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Blood Angels Knights of Blood Bike Squad - Dark Vengeance - WIP

I am tackling my next little project, turning the Dark Angels Bike Squad into Knights of Blood. Firstly building the models was easy as this is the GW philosophy with starter sets. However I did regret this later on! Cutting and shaving all the Dark Angels iconography off the bikes did result in damage to the models but it was acceptable.

As usual I went for a black primer, see above.


Then painted in all the base colours using my custom mix for the dark metal armour and Mephiston Red for the rest. This is where I regretted gluing the riders to the bikes. Painting the torsos proved difficult especially the Sergeants robes. The backpacks had to be painted separately also.

Next up to add the shading and the highlights so stay tuned.


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