Saturday, 21 November 2015

Betrayal at Calth

So my lovely wife bought me the most wanted game of the year (arguably) for Xmas.

I naturally am a very lucky guy however this joy is somewhat tempered as I was only allowed to rummage around to see what was in the box and now it is sitting out of reach tauntingly, waiting for wrapping and placing under the tree next week.

All I have to tide me over the next month are these pictures hurriedly taken.

So now my task is to decide what to do with this amazing gift.

The previous post was a taster of a promising Nightlords Pre-Heresy Army. I want to paint the model with my wash/glazing technique which was used on my Knights of Blood Librarian model earlier to good effect.

However after gazing at the Cataphractii Terminators I see they would make a great fit as Sons of Horus (another army I love) Justaerin Terminators....decisions decisions. I did try a test model of the  First Company Marines which I am very happy with.

Then there is the posing of the Contemptor Dreadnought to mull over.

While I am doing all my agonizing, tell me what you guys are doing or want to do.



  1. That's an amazing gift for sure! Too bad that now you have to wait for it for a loong time ;)

    I have bought a BaC box with my friends to share and I'm making Iron Hands for myself - it fits both 30k and 40k (also Praise Omnissiah!). My friends got 2 tactical squads and one of them is making 40k Dark Angels and the other one has to decide if he should make his own Blood Eagles chapter, Imperial Fists or maybe Sons of Horus.

    I'm curious what you would make out of them :)

    1. Iron Hands sound great! I am also thinking of Sons of Horus or Nightlords.

  2. Its a lovely set. I may do Alpha legion and Rvaen gaurd or death guard and imperial fists...

    1. Alpha Legion is a third choice for many good legions to consider???