Friday, 13 November 2015

30k - Night Lords - Pre Heresy - Conversion

I have been more captivated by the Pre Heresy timeline than 40k for some time now and until just a few weeks ago, when the news on Betrayal at Calth broke, there was no plastic kit to build an army from in existence.

The picture below is what I am aiming for for a final product with the different backpack though. I really like the skull painted on the helmet and that was a definite detail to keep.

So I set about doing a conversion with an Assault on Black Reach marine. The conversion entailed a new head, chaos backpack with the chaos details removed and a partial greenstuff sculpt shoulder pad.

The shoulder pad was a bit fiddly, I used a skull then greenstuff sculpted wings on either side. Not perfect but once they are painted I hope they will look good.

Stay tuned to see the painted model.



  1. Always happy to see more VIIIth legion love.

    Personally, regarding NL symbols on chests/shoulders, I've had more success with just having a skull and painting simple red wings in the empty spaces. Tons of shoulder pads have just a skull, as do chests. I cut away the spikes and arrows that are often present leaving me with plenty of room for the wings to be painted on.

    1. Thanks for the comment, sounds like a good idea!