Sunday, 26 June 2016

Badab War - Astral Claws - 40k


My interest in 40k was a direct result of the Badab War. The article by Belloflostsouls was fantastic and I wanted, as many people probably do, to paint up a model in each of the faction colour schemes.

This then directly resulted in my love for the Minotaurs, which I have been collecting as my main army ever since. My desire to paint all these different legions pretty much was put to the side as I collected and painted up my Minotaurs.

Well no more, here is the next model Astral Claws after my Minotaurs and the Marines Errant efforts.

I primed the model in black followed by a good coat of Leadbelcher.

Then I covered the model with a 60/40 brown black wash and drybrushed with Leadbelcher once dry. Painted in the base colours for the pouches and shoulder pad.

Then highlighted the armour with Runefang Steel, the shoulder pad with Shining Gold and finished off the other details like the eye lenses and scrolls.

Pretty easy scheme but very effective. It is one of my favourites.