Sunday, 28 August 2016

Bolt Action German 81mm Mortar Team - WIP

Continuing on the small painting projects from my Bolt Action Boot Camp at Beasts of War I tackled the German mortar team.

I use the same method as previously with a black primer, base colours of German Field Grey, Reflective Green, Graveyard Earth and some generic browns and flesh colours.

Followed this with a wash of 60/40 brown/black.

Then went back and highlighted with the same base colours. Apologies for the poor pictures and lack of pictures for the highlight stage, these were done at the same time as the MMG Team pictures.

I need to finish the base in my ground black pepper and herb method to be consistent with the plan I have for the army.



  1. Looking good Vitor! These models don't look to be the easiest to paint!

    1. Thanks Greg, they are a bit tricky but I am not going for Golden Demon level just good old Tabletop.