Sunday, 12 February 2017

Blood Angels - Knights of Blood - Finished

These really took me a long time to complete, all the details that make them amazing models are a pain when you are short of painting time.

Never the less I have them at a stage where I am happy.

As I have found out in all the previous attempts photographing them is even more difficult. Trying to get the red to look 'red' while showing off the rest of the model is proving impossible. It is a shame we can't figure this out because the models, in reality, look really good.

These are a second attempt at photographing them with different settings.

These are shots from my phone camera.

More "Blood for the Blood God" wait "for the Emperor!"



  1. Great job! Marines look really good.
    I have the same broblem with getting the red color look good in the photos! It's a real bugger... The highlights seem to disappear in the pics. Sometimes I get good results by adjusting the lighting in the room... Well, if I solve the broblem I'll let you know :D

  2. They look great, a bit like Flesh Tearers, a bit like Iron Knights.

  3. Great looking squad. For Red, you need a grey back drop, without any other bright whites showing through. In the first shot, try taking it without the sides showing (maybe not the whole squad at once).