Monday, 18 July 2011

Blood Angels - Mephiston - MWC's Miniature Conversion Contest

Mephiston, the baddest , meanest dude out there!

Here is my entry to the contest.

The conversion / kit bash is as follows.

Robed Body Dark Angels. Grey Knights Medical Vials added to belt as well as Space Marine Grenades.

Arms and Shoulder pads are Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard. Sword arm hand cut and re positioned. Sword is Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard with the pommel guard cut off.

Cloak is from Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves Corsairs, cut to fit and greenstuff  to cover gaps (mostly covered by back pack). The Psychic hood is also Dark Elf Corsair cut to fit and greenstuff filling.

The Back Pack is Blood Angels Death Company with the Iron Halo cut from the helmet of a Sanguinary Guard Marine and added on top.

The head is from a Warhammer Fantasy High Elf Mage with greenstuff for neck.

Enjoy and as usual any comments are welcome.

To the artist who did the Mephiston picture I used, its fantastic and I hope you don't mind me using it because I don't know who you are.


PS : Next Up - Creating a Space Marine Chapter The End is Near!


  1. Great work.
    I'm really hoping mine is done in time. I still have a little work.

  2. He looks great. Can't wait to see him painted :)
    Good luck with the contest.

  3. Nice! I like it a lot - looking forward to seeing it painted!

  4. A great conversion, really nice

  5. Thanks guys for all your comments! will hopefully be painting him up soon. Keep you posted.