Monday, 29 May 2017

Terrain - Wooden Hut - Finished

I started out by priming the piece with black spray primer.

Then painted dark brown over the entire terrain piece.

Next was to paint the wooden parts of the model with 'Bestial Brown'.

I then drybrushed with 'Vermin Brown'

The final highlight was applied with 'Balor Brown', I also painted (drybrushed) the ground with 'Tallarn Sand' and 'Karak Stone' with a final highlight of 'Bleached Bone'.

The roof was painted with the same browns as the wood and ground. 

I drybrushed various areas to give the impression of different animal furs being used (the roof is covered with fur not straw).

I used black and grey for the door entry fur and also as a contrasting colour in the roof.

I blended everything in with washes along the way.

Final piece.

I left the ground around the hut bare on purpose as I want to return and fill this in with some camp clutter, maybe a drying out skin on a rack a crate or barrel, maybe some firewood etc.


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