Sunday, 16 July 2017

Dark Imperium - Plague Marines - WIP

I have been thinking about a colour scheme and how to paint these guys, watching videos and looking at the web for the last week or so and the plan is to go for the look on the box, green base colour etc

However I don't have the Death Guard Green spray or paint so I was going to prime in black and then use a GW Knarloc Green base colour followed by the metallics etc.

After looking at my paint stock I saw I had the Army Painter Green Primer Spray which I use for my Bolt Action Allies and I knew my problem of a base colour was solved.

Top and below are the first pictures of the models primed straight over plastic build.

Stay tuned for the WIP.



  1. Lovely, I reckon DG scheme can be quite forgiving, the more washes and muck and weathering the better!

  2. Yeh...that is pretty much the plan.