Sunday, 30 July 2017

Dark Imperium - Painting a Cloak the Warhammer TV Way

With hobby time at a premium for me, I can only paint a bit here and there (babies don't give you much spare time). With that limitation I have decided to paint my Plague Marines bit by bit as well.

To start off I am going to paint the backpacks first, actually I did the bases first and I am going to get my skills back up yo par by following the Warhammer TV guides by Duncan (as far as possible as I don't have all those colours).

First up the cloak.

I started with a base of Warlock Purple.

Followed by a Nuln Oil wash.

Next a large layer highlight of Warlock Purple.

And finally a edge highlight of Warlock Purple mixed with a bit of white to make it a bit lighter.

Happy days, good result, I would never have painted a cloak this colour before.

Stay tuned for how the smoke turned out.