Sunday, 20 August 2017

Dark Imperium - Painting Bugs

One of the new things to paint on these detail packed models is bugs.

In the previous Dark Vengeance set the models were also jammed full of details including loads of demon faces etc projecting from the body and I made a passable job of painting them but I don't recall any bugs in that set.

Needless to say I couldn't (there probably are) find any tutorials on painting bugs and had to rely on the looking at pictures on the web of this specific model with the bug on its shoulder for reference.

I started with a base colour of Bone for the body and legs and White for the wings, when that was dry I washed the body with Blue, applying several layers to build up the detail around the warts etc on the detail. The legs were washed with Flesh Wash following the same method.

The teeth were highlighted white and the proboscis was washed with a red ink to give it that 'wet' look. I finished with painting the eye black.

The wings were washed with a custom made verdigris wash, allowing some of the white to show through and the tips were then highlighted with white.



  1. The blues and the purples contrast off each other well. It's certainly looking good!

    1. Thanks, it is sometime shardto choose colours to compliment each other when there is so much going on in a model with alot of detail.