Sunday, 6 August 2017

Dark Imperium - Painting Smoke the Warhammer TV Way

So to continue working on getting my skills back up to par by following the Warhammer TV guides by Duncan (as far as possible as I don't have all the colours).

 My second learning session, smoke from the brazier on the backpack. Taken from the Lord of Contagion Video.

I started with a base of Codex Grey (I still have some of these old colours).

Followed by a wash of Coelia Greenshade.

Next a lighter grey layer leaving the green showing in the recesses.

Last a final highlight of White.

Apologies for the quality of the pictures, it was a grey day when I painted this.



  1. nice,it works well. I am just finishing my dark vengeance set before i start the very small first stike set :P

    1. Are you working on the Chaos Marines?

    2. Nah i did the darkangels are angels of redemption so its a split scheme. By the time i'm done with the Dv set we'll have a set out for 9th :(