Saturday, 28 September 2019

Rangers of Shadow Deep - Terrain - Cottage - WIP2

The next step in my build is to assemble the cottage. My plan is to use hot glue for the wall sections and then PVA glue for the roof.

Unfortunately there are not many pictures to show the steps as the hot glue provided absolutely no time in between assembling the walls to take any.

Above an below are pictures of the roof, I decided to use an old washcloth to resemble thatch of some kind and here things at least went well. I cut the washcloth into lengths and soaked them in PVA glue then stuck them on, easy and no fuss.

Getting back to the wall sections though which was anything but easy, using hot glue was a nightmare for me, my glue gun gets very hot and provides no control of the amount of glue which comes out and together with the short time before it cools means getting the walls to line up and make any adjustments if there is an issue is a nightmare. The joints also have excess hot glue which shows through and hampers alignment but it is still a playable piece of terrain.

After all is said and done the cottage is assembled but with serious lessons learnt banked in the hobby kitty.

Next it's time to paint the roof and outside.

Stay tuned.


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