Sunday, 10 July 2011

Creating your own Space Marine Chapter - End of part 1

As promised here is the complete, painted Tactical Squad in the colour scheme of The Ordre of Navaar.

In the end the completed squad came out looking pretty good. I hope you enjoy them. (see previous post on how I painted them up).

As usual any comments are appreciated.


PS : Next Post - Something different before... Creating your own Space Marine Chapter - Part 2


  1. On a whole looks good. Same commentary about the red chest pieces as before, but looks good.

  2. I like the effect of the red. Almost looks like real blood. Not turning to the blood god I hope. : )

  3. Thanks, Not turning to the blood god just yet.

  4. I like it. Always a great feeling when you finish your first squad. I really need to go back over my guys and get some proper squad pictures sorted. Have you played any games with your marines yet?

  5. I really enjoyed painting them up. For perspective, this took me about 4 months to do due to time and real life constraints. I did play a few games using Vulkan and vanilla marines rules. Now its all so different so stay tuned to see what happens.