Thursday, 23 February 2012

Terrain Focus - 40k Craters - On the Workbench Part 1

Still sticking to my new years resolutions and its nearly the end of February, maybe thats why its freezing in Europe. Back to the subject at hand, 40k Craters and how I make them. This post is the first in a series that will focus on making inexpensive, good looking terrain and hopefully you will have some fun while doing so. It will be called Terrain Focus.

Fisrt off you need a good base, I used what we call here hard board, its about 5mm thick and I cut two pieces as I want one piece for two smaller craters and one piece for a larger crater, the sizes are roughly 13cm x 15cm and 17cm x 16cm. If you want to think ahead you can cut the pieces to the size of your vehicles and use them as destroyed vehicle templates as well.I sketched out a rough design of the sizes of the craters and what I want to add to the scene, rocks, dead tree etc etc.

The next step is to glue in place, I used a hot glue gun, some bits that will form the craters edge, I used some left over high density foam. You could use anything, the idea is for this to add some strength to the craters edge and make it easier to form the shape in the next step. I also placed the twig to get the right size for my dead tree, not glued down as yet.

Now the fun part, take some quick drying polyfiller ( the stuff I use starts hardening within 15 min ), the stuff you use to fill cracks with in walls, then apply the filler to your base and shape accordingly. You will notice that it leaves fantastic grains and rough textures, very battlefield like! Then while its still wet place the rocks, debris, dead trees etc etc so that these items can be fixed in place when the filler dries completely then leave overnight.

Stay tuned for the next part where we will begin painting them up.


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