Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The New Guy - Who cares Anyway?

I have been reading 40k blogs now for more than two years and I am amazed at the amount of information out there. Whatever it is that you are looking for I am sure you can find it.

There are guys that specialize in news, rumours, painting, sculpting, modelling and terrain to mention a few. I have saved for future use so many tips, hints, tricks that I will be busy for some time if I try and use them all in my hobby.

Now to the point, during these two years or more I have never left a comment! Not a word to say, great thanks for the tip or nice paint job or whatever. I didn't really think the blogger would care either way what I thought or had to say. That is until I started up my own blog, now I am on the other side of the fence and I am so excited when someone takes the time to leave a comment. I am more motivated, feel appreciated. I never understood that when I was just perusing the blogs. I am sure that even well established guys like 'From the Warp' still appreciated comments left after their posts. For us newbies its vital to keep up our motivation and it only takes 30 seconds.

So guys leave comments!

I also want to say thanks to Faeit 212 (kudos to you also for your Monday new blog promotion post) and Black Matt's Black Legion for their help, in the form of a plug on their blogs. Also thanks to everybody, special mention to Ron at From the Warp and Tim at Conflict Valorax, that took the time to leave me an encouraging comment and help out with some ideas to finish off my chapters background.

Its very much appreciated.


PS : Next Post - Creating a Space Marine Chapter U-Turn!


  1. Spot on about commenting, it makes a massive difference to the blogger, even if it's just a one liner like 'Nice post' or something. I have found that getting people to comment is the hardest thing about blogging.

    Nice post BTW

  2. Indeed - Even after blogging for three years now, I'm always excited when I get a comment. It really helps keep me motivated! Comments are fickle things though too - I've made posts that I thought were awesome, and I'll get a single comment (if any), while some 'throwaway post' that I make on the spur of the moment may get a dozen. Nevertheless, feedback is always appreciated, and it's always nice to get it. I've been impressed with the work you've done and I look forward to seeing what's next - keep up the great work!

  3. Completely right there, great post!

  4. Love the Monkey and a good subject to post about.

    Perhaps the Monkey can track down some IPs of ghost readers for the community.

  5. I still get excited over every comment, email, follower, and link I get. Each and everyone pushes me harder to blog more often and post better posts.

    And I also have to thank the bigger blogs like FTW, Faeit 212, Black Matt/Fritz/Jawaballs, and everyone else who throws smaller blogs and new blogs onto their blog rolls and mentions them from time to time. Thank you for helping me realize this.

  6. It makes it an exciting and rewarding experience, seeing people responding to your work. I hope mine grows too, and I look forward to watching this one grow!

  7. This is not a comment....
    Ok, you got me. Just started a blog myself, and I get the same feeling.

  8. Comments are a huge motivation for me as it means I have pulled my readers in enough for them to give me some of their time. It's a huge reward and as such I try to respond directly to each and every comment. The higher the traffic the higher the chance for a comment and as such I have started a weekly blog post to promote those who help draw people to my blog; Saturday Shout-Outs. Then on Sunday I through up my favourite top three post of the week that I found. I love this one as I am now really exploring the blog-o-sphere and finding all kinds of great blogs. Loved your post by the way.

  9. Not only will I throw you a second comment but tomorrow I am going to plug your blog as you had your Sunday Best on when you wrote this post. Cheers for sharing.