Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Waaagh - Da Orks is Koming !!

The AOBR box set comes with my chosen army, Marines, as well as some nice looking Orks. So it was natural to use Orks as my chapters preferred enemy. My own chapter creation, Aurelius Legion, needed a foe and what better foe to have than a frenzied horde, of not very bright, green skins wanting to separate your body parts into little pieces and send them home to their momma!

After painting up all those marines in power armour I needed a change. I looked at my Orks and thought this could be fun, my chosen clan the Blood Axes have a penchant for wearing camouflage ( kommandos ) so a painting opportunity presented itself.

I love WW2 German uniforms, who doesn't, so went looking for a camo pattern and found this

I simplified my scheme using the above as a guide and painted the pants / trousers of my Orks boys. 
I started with a base of scorched brown followed by a coat of bestial brown then I painted in the watermark effect with dark angels green, the dots were completed with bubonic brown and finally a wash of devland mud.

The rest of the models are not finished off to the same standard as my Marines but I only wanted to get them to a  tabletop standard and to play with painting camouflage.

Here are a few more pictures.

While I was painting these guys, another idea popped into my head, if you want to know what it was then stay tuned for part 2 where I will show you what I did with the Ork Nobz.

Hope you like the camo, leave a comment please.


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  1. Nice! Those Orks come out looking really good - I'm a big fan of the Blood Axes as well, and the camo pattern you used really makes the models pop. Keep up the great work!