Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ork Nobz - You wont see them coming!!

After having so much fun painting up my Blood Axes in camo it occurred to me that the big boys or Nobz are stronger, tougher and have a few more brain cells and therefore they would use this thing called camouflage that Imperial Guard Troops wear which makes them hard to see and use it to its full potential.

To my Nobz that means wearing as many different types of camo all at once. That way it must be impossible to be seen, right?

Here they are using urban and jungle camo. Had fun just trying all sorts of things, like the tiger stripe urban pattern on the trousers. My favourite is the jungle pattern I came up with here on their shirts.

Some more shots of other patterns.

These Nobz have even gone and painted camo on their shoulder armour plates.

Hope you get the opportunity to paint camo as its fun to do and if you mess up well it might just be the best thing for your scheme!

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PS : Next Post - Making Stikkbombs for my Kommandos


  1. Looking good :)

  2. OK, really like the look of the camo!

  3. I had to look at this post twice, the first time through I couldn't spot the orks. HA HA HA. Good camo though suitably orky.

  4. Lol..nice comment, thanks:)

  5. Very nice, that's an interesting variation of colors for Orks.