Friday, 23 December 2011

Aurelius Legion - Rhino - Finished

This is it, the final part of painting and weathering my own Space Marine Chapter Rhino. In the last post I completed the bottom section of the Rhino, now it was time to tackle the top section.

I liberally applied the weathering pigment to all the recessed areas where dust and dirt would accumulate. (apologies for the poor close up pictures).
As you can see  I found it quite difficult to be neat about applying this stuff. I knew from the lower section that a lot of the pigment was going to be wiped off later so it was not such a big deal.


Now it was time to take my hard stippling brush and remove as much of the pigment as possible. I also used a cloth to wipe away whatever the brush could not get to. I did not use the alcohol to set the pigment as I did not want a repeat of the white frosting situation I encountered on the lower section.

Here are some pictures of the completed model. All in all it came out pretty well. I really like the dusty look of the pigments on the model. One thing to note is that light pigments applied on a light colour that is shaded with a darker colour do not work well (gibberish!!!!!) What I mean is that I found the pigment negated the brown wash I applied to the recesses of my yellow areas on the model.


Hope you like the way it came out and I recommend everyone have a go at this.



  1. Very very nice! That turned out looking fantastic!

  2. The end results have come out great, nice job

  3. Very nice. I love the proliferation of the weathering powders and I'm glad to see the 40k hobby community pick it up so readily.

    I'm wondering if you sealed it with anything or just hoping that the powders stay in the recesses? Ever consider combining the powders with water based oils for rust and run off?

    Good work overall, I like how the rhino turned out.

  4. To CVinton- I did seal the lower section with alcohol but it caused a white frosting on the model which I cured with a black wash. The upper section is not sealed at all. i never considered a water based oil?? have to check it out.