Saturday, 18 February 2012

Blood Angels - Tycho - Completed

All done, finally! Here is the completed conversion all painted up and ready to succumb to the 'Black Rage'.
I am really happy with the end result and in particular the experiment with painting his face to look like he is wearing a metal mask, idea taken from Ron at From The Warp post here

Enjoy the rest of the pictures.

Any comments are welcome.



  1. He looks amazing, brilliant work, and some nice quality pictures too.

  2. That gold is rather smashing...

  3. I agree with all the comments above, great work. Your photo backdrops are almost as good as the model! ha ha ha

  4. Thanks for the tips and comments and if you stay tuned i will be doing a series on making the very terrain i use in my pictures!

  5. The metal mask looks awesome! Look as if it was sculpted, nicely done!

  6. your painting job is great, but i don't "see" the mask, to me, it looks like a body painting than a mask, however, it's awesome