Sunday, 29 July 2012

Minotaurs - Dreadnought - Badab War - Part 2

More progress on my Mighty Dreadnought, still a pretty mean machine in 6th Edition! Hell who cares its one of the Space Marine iconic units so its cool!

I have added a black wash to the metal parts and a green wash to the red parts. I have also painted up the scrolls and front eagle to bleached bone.

Some more shots below from different angels.

Next up I have been layering up the red areas with Red Gore and Coat d' Arms Vampire Red to get that nice rich red colour. I have also added a blue wash to the Multi Melta barrel to give it  that heated look. I did some more work on the pipes etc on the sarcophagus.

In the shot below I have added a black wash to the barrel to finish off the burnt heated look.

That's as far as I got for now, stay tuned for what should be the final part.


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