Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pre Heresy - Sons of Horus - Catulan Reavers

After I finished up with my Sons of Horus test mini where I used the glaze / wash  technique I was unhappy with the outcome but a thought popped into my head about repainting the model as a Catulan Reaver. I had seen the above Forgeworld picture alongside the others I used for research and instantly liked the scheme. This was the ideal opportunity to paint one up using my unsuccessful test subject.

I thought about sculpting the shoulder pad icon with greenstuff but decided to freehand it instead.

I first made a  sketch of the icon using a grid method. Basically a big square divided into 4 small squares with the design drawn inside. This would help me later when it cam time to paint the design onto the model.

The next thing I did was to paint over the green with my custom metallic black mix I use for my Blood Angels - Knights of Blood models. Then I painted the red shoulder pad and various s details leaving the lower portion of the helmet the original green.

I added some battle damage with a light drybrush of boltgun metal and used some pigment for dust and dirt accumulation.

Below you can see the original green on the helmet.

Lastly the shoulder pad icon. Painting two straight lines proved quite difficult actually!

I am very happy with how this guy came out. I think the Catulan Reaver scheme is pretty badass and can imagine a full army, painted up nicely, looking just awesome on the table. 


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  1. I like how rich the greens and reds came out. It looks good and avoided becoming "Christmasy" which is the danger of combining the two. I think an army with this theme would look great. Pre-Pre Heresy is the new black!