Saturday, 1 December 2012

Minotaurs - Land Raider - Badab War - On the Painting Table

As part of my Minotaur Army creation I am utilizing my Aurelius Legion models as I am not 100% sold their colour scheme just yet (the last incantation of black with bronze trim I rated 90% but still not 100%).

This led me to my Land Raider, I was not going to clean this huge model with Dettol as the quantity required would be half the price of a new Model so I decided to paint over the existing scheme ( Black with red trim) which has already been partially repainted ( with bronze trim).

I am also using the Minotaur Etched Bras Sprue to add the details as its more cost effective instead of forking out a load of cash on the Forgeworld Doors etc.

I am using my new technique to paint the flat surfaces with a sponge rather than a brush. My previous test on the Rhino worked out perfectly.

I started with  base of Tin Bitz. 

Then a layer of Brazen Brass sponged on, a Dark Green wash then a second wash of my Verdigris mix followed by a combination sponge and drybrush layer of Brazen Brass.

The finish from the sponge technique does not leave those brush lines you can get on flat surfaces and on this model any imperfections on the model are from the previous layers of paint.

All that is left is to clean up the model and paint the details.



  1. That is a damn fine technique that yields great results. As for the imperfections, they really just make it look s little more ancient and battle worn.
    So impressive, great work!

  2. Looks really promising! Like the idea of painting it with a sponge. Hate painting big models with a lot of flat surfaces with a brush, takes a long time and you will probably get a lot of brush lines. Will test this tecnique out on my next Landrider.

    1. The sponge works wonders, paint on to get into the grooves etc then sponge over or just sponge on.