Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pre Heresy - Thousand Sons - Scarab Shoulder Pad Sculpt

Time to get the new year under way with a post about the sculpt I did late last year while under the influence of 'creative hobby block'.

I could not show you any in between steps as I was only half trying to do this but kept the result as it wasn't too bad. Basically what I did was start with a large oval layer of greenstuff then with lots of pin pricks drew out the rough outline of the scarab with a custom tool which looks like a pen with a thick needle for a tip. Once that was done I cut off the excess with a hobby knife. The body of the scarab is quite easy to sculpt but the legs are pretty tricky to get the symmetry shape right.

I also sculpted a tiny scarab body on the seal of the lower leg, it is a bit big but not an issue.

Here is another shot of the shoulder pad.

Next up the paint job.



  1. I saw your comment on my Blog Grizwalds Necrons so I checked out your blogs. I really like your blogs expecially the Heresy one. I always wanted to do a Heresy Army expecially now that Forge World Finally made books for it and the models. I also added your 2 gamming blogs to my blog roll

  2. Very cool Vitor! The legs really add a ton to the look - they turned out great!

    Really looking forward to seeing it painted up, cheers!