Monday, 7 January 2013

Pre Heresy - Thousand Sons - WIP

When I started to paint this model I realized that I had never painted a completely red armoured Marine before, my Blood Angels project is Knights of Blood which are only partly red. I have also, probably like many people, struggled to get a nice rich red colour on most of my stuff so this Thousand Sons Marine was going to be a challenge.

I started with a base coat of GW's Scab Red applied directly onto the grey plastic of the model / no primer. I then applied a good coat of GW's Blood Red followed by a coat of 50/50 mix of GW's Blood Red and Coat d Arms Vampire Red (see above picture). This gave me the really nice rich red colour I was after.

Next was a wash of black in the recesses. and a touch up of red.

Next was painting some of the details in their respective base colours.

Last was the application of the actual colour on the details.

Almost done, just got to do the highlights and some other details.


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  1. Looking good! That's going to look sharp when it's done.