Friday, 23 August 2013

Open for Business - Now Accepting Commissions

Since I am back in London and have easier access to the war-gaming hobby at large I am putting myself on the market.

I will be accepting painting, modelling conversions and terrain commissions.

Here are some examples of my past work and show the 'style' my work, this I believe to be very important to a prospective client. Most of my recent stuff is Space Marine and Flames of War orientated  because that is what I like at the moment.

Want a custom Space Marine Chapter designed and painted? here is mine. Aurelius Legion

How about an existing Chapter? Here is my favourite the Badab War Minotaurs.

What about a conversion from a piece of art? Here is my Dark Angel Chaplain.

Want a customized Character no body else has? Here is my Tycho and Mephiston Conversions.

What about some shoulder pad sculpts? Here are several, Blood Angels Knights of Blood and Pre Heresy Thousand Sons.

Need something less expensive? Here is my Pre Heresy Emperors Children.

Need your army based? Here is a Necron Crystal base I did.

 What about Fantasy? Here is an Empire Standard Bearer.

 Need Terrain? Here are some pieces ranging from relatively simple, Fencing and Craters to complex pieces, Ventilator.

Do you love WW2 then look at these.

Of course there is hordes of stuff I have done long before I ever had this blog and recorded my hobby.

So if you like my work and wish to engage my services then please contact me for further information.



  1. That's a nice resume with very clear pictures of your work. I still like your Minotaurs the best!

    1. Thanks, I like the Night lords you are currently working on.